From Facebook to FATCA


Thanks to Just Me for posting this video at the Isaac Brock Society.

From Osama To Obama

This is a great video that focuses on the consistent:

1. Evolution of the loss of rights in the U.S.;

2. The inevitable progress of the United States into becoming a police state.

FATCA is not really about tax evasion. FATCA is about exercising control over other governments and individuals. The easiest and best way for the world to resist FATCA is to simply “cleanse their countries” of U.S. persons.

“From Hero To Zero” – From Patriot to Ex-Patriate 

Certainly FATCA is making it harder for U.S. citizens to live abroad. Many “long time American Patriots” are being forced to renounce U.S. citizenship. (Is this really in the interest of the United States?)

The Real Debate (It’s not what it seems)- Do you value privacy?

The argument over FATCA is NOT really about taxes. The argument is over whether individuals should be allowed to have freedom and privacy.

The U.S. government wants to abolish privacy and freedom.

Some countries and individuals want to preserve freedom (at least as long as possible.)

Question: How did the values of “freedom” and “privacy” disintegrate? Why are so many people unconcerned about the the loss of privacy? Makes no mistake about it, “privacy” and “freedom” are linked.

I speculate that the world of social media has paved the way for this. People now think nothing of having their life visible to all on Facebook, Twitter and the rest. If there is no personal privacy, and financial privacy is part of personal privacy, then …

Has Facebook established the presumption of “loss of privacy” for FATCA to succeed?

Ronald Reagan reminded us that “Freedom was never more than one generation from extinction“.

Facebook, FATCA, FBAR, Forms and other F words are causing freedom to slip away in our generation.

John Adams reminded us that:

Liberty, once lost, is lost forever


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