#ObamaTaxAdvice – Pepperdine Tax Conference – January 18, 2013

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The first tweet gives a link to the video of conference! Although the whole conference is interesting, the panel of most interest (FATCA, etc.) starts at about the 6:35 mark. The FATCANatic response starts at the 7:20 mark. Make sure you listen to it.
Discussion of matters of interest to #americansabroad:
Professor Allison Christians (starts at the 6:50 mark) introduced the conference attendees to FATCA and U.S. citizenship-based taxation.
After watching this you may want to consider where the tax environment for U.S. persons abroad is going. We DO know where the career prospects for lawyers are headed! Begins with “F”.

Overall impression of the conference:

Tax policy is simply to important to allow the discussion to be shaped and dominated by tax professionals! Perhaps they should not even be included in the discussion.


Enjoy the video – first tweet.


  1. Missed Tax Advice for the 2nd Obama Admin? Check out the video here: http://bit.ly/Zwo8qV  #ObamaTaxAdvice @TaxAnalysts@SoCalTaxProf

  2. #ObamaTaxAdvice Symposium has concluded. Thanks@PeppLawReview @SoCalTaxProf and everyone else who participated and watched!

  3. @PeppLawReview @DavidCayJ Why do we want to encourage lawyers to get billable hours out of something as bad as #FATCA ?#ObamaTaxAdvice

  4. @PeppLawReview Are we in the era when the State is in service to the Corpration, instead of visa versa. Good question#ObamaTaxAdvice

  5. #ObamaTaxAdvice @DavidCayJ “We’ve got to figure out how we deal with wealth”

  6. Via @PeppLawReview#ObamaTaxAdvice: Susan Morse from@uchastingslaw now presenting her paper, “The Transfer Pricing Regs Need a Good Edit”

  7. #ObamaTaxAdvice: David Cay Johnston: What Have We Learned Today?

  8. @PeppLawReview Here is a link to MSP 8 & MSP 15 in 2012 NTA Report to Congress. http://bit.ly/VL0oki  #ObamaTaxAdvice#Americansabroad

  9. @PeppLawReview To understand IRS practices & problems of#Americansabroad see MSP 8 & MSP 15 in 2012 NTA Report to Congress.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  10. @PeppLawReview Robert wud only like FATCA untill he lived abroad and had to deal with the US offshore Complexity & penalties.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  11. @PeppLawReview Allison is telling some of the realities. IRS offshore jihad is creating FEAR of FBRA penalties and mistrust .#ObamaTaxAdvice

  12. @PeppLawReview Allison is right, FATCA IGA is NOT recipicol. The Concept of taxing U.S. Persons around the globe is unusal.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  13. @PeppLawReview If we get it right? FATCA is NOT getting it right, So, we need to fix it. UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCEs.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  14. @PeppLawReview #ObamaTaxAdvice for us folk new to int’l tax issues, is FATCA basically the ugly big brother to FBAR?

  15. #ObamaTaxAdvice @TaxAnalysts @RobertGoulder FATCA is really a tax gap issue. All the other countries are watching it

  16. @PeppLawReview FATCA is the ‘Tip of the Spear’ of a global GATCA in the making! This is NOT good for a world economy!#ObamaTaxAdvice

  17. #ObamaTaxAdvice — @RobertGoulder, in defense of FATCA: “If you seek to tax a thing, people shouldn’t be allowed to hide that thing.”

  18. @PeppLawReview Robert Goulder of Tax Analysts It is not drone precision strike, it is carpet bombing. How can U like that?#ObamaTaxAdvice

  19. @PeppLawReview Robert Goulder of Tax Analysts Law students FATCA is your future That is terrible news for the future!#ObamaTaxAdvice

  20. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Law students take note: @RobertGoulder calls FATCA the future for tax lawyers’ practice

  21. #ObamaTaxAdvice @TaxAnalysts @RobertGoulder: Corporate residence is wherever you want it to be for tax planning and that can’t be sustained

  22. @PeppLawReview Robert Goulder of Tax Analysts what is Corporate residence in this day and age? Good question. #ObamaTaxAdvice

  23. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Commentary: Robert Goulder (Tax Analysts)

  24. @PeppLawReview #Americansabroad should not be taxed on income abroad until repatirated just like Corprations#ObamaTaxAdvice

  25. @PeppLawReview Robert Goulder of Tax Analysts yet to be sold on Territoriality #ObamaTaxAdvice

  26. @PeppLawReview Robert Goulder of Tax Analysts agrees that Camp and Obama tax proposals not that different #ObamaTaxAdvice

  27. @PeppLawReview What do U think are the realistic chances that Congress will vote for domestic FATCA IGA reciprocity? #DATCA#ObamaTaxAdvice

  28. @PeppLawReview How can there be real reciprocity when FATCA IGA reciprocity only asperational. Nn a Full blown DATCA in US#ObamaTaxAdvice

  29. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Susan Morse from @uchastingslaw now presenting her paper, “The Transfer Pricing Regs Need a Good Edit”

  30. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Susan Morse (UC-Hastings), The Transfer Pricing Regs Need a Good Edit

  31. #ObamaTaxAdvice — Christians: In a world of dual citizens, citizenship-based taxation does not work; penalizes Americans for going abroad.

  32. #ObamaTaxAdvice Allison Christians from #LAWMcGill Get real on citizen based taxation! Switch to residence based tax

  33. @PeppLawReview switch to residence-based taxation and do away with Citizenship taxation! AMEN Clear MESSAGE#ObamaTaxAdvice

  34. #ObamaTaxAdvice — Christians considers FATCA: “reciprocity an aspiration at best,” US tax jurisdiction “intrusive.” But, FATCA can be saved

  35. #ObamaTaxAdvice Allison Christians from @LAWMcGill FATCA: Fix it or Forget It

  36. @PeppLawReview Public exposure for all Corporates FATCA – fix it, or abandon it! Will not stop offshore taxation #ObamaTaxAdvice

  37. @PeppLawReview Boy,this is an audiences that should know! This is shocking. NO wonder FATCA is the worst law unknown in US#ObamaTaxAdvice

  38. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Christians: FATCA, and EITI: we are the master of our tax donmain

  39. @PeppLawReview Christians discusses EITI, a little know concept.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  40. #ObamaTaxAdvice — Christians asking what FATCA is. Less than half the room raises their hands. And practically no one can identify EITI

  41. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Christians: The mercenary tendency of the tax state

  42. @PeppLawReview FATCA begets Domestic DATCA begets Global GATCA Creating a GATCAwellian future. #ObamaTaxAdvice#Americansabroad

  43. @PeppLawReview FATCA, the worst legilsation most Americans have never heard of. @repealfatca and start over.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  44. #ObamaTaxAdvice — Christians on why we must save the income tax: “States devolving to taxing the easy to tax”

  45. @PeppLawReviewIf Christians educates you on the unknown provisions of FATCA legislation. Pay attention. NO public scurtiny#ObamaTaxAdvice

  46. #ObamaTaxAdvice — Allison Christians from @LAWMcGill now presenting her paper, “Putting the Reign Back in Sovereign.”

  47. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Allison Christians (McGill), Putting the Reign Back in Sovereign: Advice for the Second Obama Administration

  48. @PeppLawReviewIf Allison Christian speaking at the FATCA FACT Finding Forum with transcript http://bit.ly/VbSX4g  #ObamaTaxAdvice

  49. @PeppLawReviewIf Reuven Avi-Yonah paper. The case against Citizenship Taxation http://bit.ly/13tFkB7  #ObamaTaxAdvice

  50. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Moderator: Khrista McCarden. Panelists: Reuven Avi-Yonah, Allison Christians, and Susan Morse. Commentary: Robert Goulder

  51. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Reuven Avi-Yonah (Michigan), Corporate & International Tax Reform for the Second Obama Administrationhttp://taxprof.typepad.com/taxprof_blog/2013/01/free-live-webcast-today-.html …

  52. Friday afternoon in Malibu, @PeppLawReview packs in 100+ to hear#ObamaTaxAdvice great panelists, great attendees.

  53. #ObamaTaxAdvice — Fourth and final panel, Business and International Tax #2, now underway. Watch onlinehttp://new.livestream.com/pepperdinesol/lawreviewsymposium …

  54. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Panel 4: Business and international tax (continued)

  55. #ObamaTaxAdvice — Burke clarifies her position in Q&A: Lowering the corporate rate might not be advisable.

  56. #ObamaTaxAdvice — Schler: Global cooperation no panacea; problems would remain

  57. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Michael Schler of Cravath skeptical of Burke’s emphasis on taxing passthroughs; REITs should at least get similar treatment

  58. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Commentary: Michael Schler (Tax Partner, Cravath, Swaine & Moore, New York)

  59. @PeppLawReview If Profit shifting abroad reduced interest deduction in the US, it wud reduce the behaviour, says Sullivan#ObamaTaxAdvice

  60. #ObamaTaxAdvice — Sullivan: Proposes allocating interests by gross profit. Benefits: (1) simple; (2) acts as a brake on profit shifting.

  61. #ObamaTaxAdvice @TaxAnalysts Martin Sullivan: Instead of allocating interest by assets, what about allocating by gross profits?

  62. @PeppLawReview Unilateral action always leads to resentment around the world about US financial imperialism See FATCA#ObamaTaxAdvice

  63. @PeppLawReview Geithner says he might favor a territoral tax system for Corps, but what about real DNA people?#ObamaTaxAdvice

  64. #ObamaTaxAdvice @TaxAnalysts chief economist Martin Sullivan: Territorial can mean a lot of different things, it all depends on the details

  65. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Martin Sullivan (Tax Analysts): territorial tax system can be “with teeth” (raise revenue) or “toothless” (reduce revenue)

  66. @PeppLawReview Territorial reform for paper people, Corporations,must also apply to real DNA persons. Repeal Citizenship tax #ObamaTaxAdvice

  67. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Burke: Congress should expand the corporate tax base and impose an entity-level tax on large partnerships.

  68. 25% rate dividends cap gains & 25% Corp rate wud reduce the effect of Corps being a vehicle for tax shelteing per Burke#ObamaTaxAdvice

  69. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Burke: Rise in income tax rates and decrease in corporate tax rates would create incentives to retain corporate earnings

  70. @PeppLawReview Blocker Corporations was what Romney used, right? To lower his effective rates? #ObamaTaxAdvice

  71. Double Irish Dutch Sandwich should be a two-layered Guinness-based ice cream on an apple tart. #ObamaTaxAdvice#ObamaRecipeAdvice

  72. #ObamaTaxAdvice — Burke: “I’m all for repealing the stepped up basis.”

  73. #ObamaTaxAdvice Karen Burke @USanDiegoLaw: If we’re going to lower the corporate tax rate, someone is going to have to subsidize it

  74. #ObamaTaxAdvice Karen Burke @USanDiegoLaw : In 1950s corporate tax responsible for 50% of tax revenue today it’s less than 10%

  75. #ObamaTaxAdvice — Burke: Reduction in corporate tax rates necessary; passthrough entities should bear greater tax burden.

  76. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Burke: Passthrough sector accounts for almost 50% of net business income.

  77. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Karen Burke (San Diego), Passthrough Entities: The Missing Link in Business Tax Reform

  78. #ObamaTaxAdvice — Can US act unilaterally to remedy a global problem? Bank says no. Cooperation not only appropriate but inevitable.

  79. #ObamaTaxAdvice — Steve Bank from @UCLA_Law: Corporate tax reform a “global phenomenon”

  80. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Bank: Any U.S. corporate tax reform must reflect global corporate tax reform.

  81. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Panel 3: Business and international tax.

  82. #ObamaTaxAdvice w/ Steve Bank from @UCLA Problem is multinationals aren’t paying taxes anywhere, it’s a global problem not just a US problem

  83. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Grayson McCouch (San Diego), Who Killed the Rule Against Perpetuities?

  84. #ObamaTaxAdvice: McCaffery: It is time to give up on the estate & gift tax. It no longer serves any compelling policy objective.

  85. This is the first of two Business and International Tax panels.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  86. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Ed McCaffery (USC), Reimagining Estate Tax Reform

  87. #ObamaTaxAdvice panel on Business/International Tax being moderated by Tom Bost from @pepperdine Tweet your questions to@PeppLawReview

  88. #ObamaTaxAdvice now resuming. Tom Bost moderating w/ Steve Bank, Karen Burke, & Martin Sullivan on the panel. Michael Schler w/ commentary

  89. Lunch Break. See you all back at 1:45pm! #ObamaTaxAdvice

  90. McCaffery: A consistent VAT tax can act similar to an inheritance tax, taxing the spending of inheritance. #ObamaTaxAdvice

  91. Tax Analysts’ @jthorndike: “If inequality is the problem, then the estate tax has never really been the answer.” #ObamaTaxAdvice

  92. @jthorndike (Tax Analysts): The resistance of the rich to progressive tax reform is a very important thing to understand#ObamaTaxAdvice

  93. @jthorndike: “If tax is such a failure, a distraction, then why the durability of the distraction?” #ObamaTaxAdvice

  94. @jthorndike up now with commentary on the tax papers.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  95. Repetti: “A progressive income tax can play a role in reducing inequality.” #ObamaTaxAdvice

  96. RT @taxanalysts: Repetti: “Higher income inequality correlates with greater measures of health and social problems.”#ObamaTaxAdvice

  97. Repetti: “Higher income inequality correlates with greater measures of health and social problems.” #ObamaTaxAdvice

  98. James R. Repetti (Boston) presenting: Occupy the Tax Code: Using the Estate Tax to Reduce Inequality. #ObamaTaxAdvice

  99. McCouch: “The $5 million dollar exemption for estate and gift taxes makes no sense at all.” #ObamaTaxAdvice

  100. Grayson McCouch (San Diego): “The $5 million estate and gift tax effective exclusion is a mistake and should be curtailed”#ObamaTaxAdvice

  101. @RBreaux87 Great! Thanks for watching! Remember to tweet your questions to @PeppLawReview#ObamaTaxAdvice

  102. Up now: Grayson McCouch, University of San Diego School of Law. Watch LIVE: http://bit.ly/Zwo8qV  #ObamaTaxAdvice

  103. Ed McCaffery (USC): Canada has figured out how to tax capital gains at death, we can too. #ObamaTaxAdvice

  104. McCaffery (USC): “Tip #1 for the Obama Administration: Repeal §1014, the stepped-up basis on death rule.” #ObamaTaxAdvice

  105. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Watch panel on estate and gift tax featuring@SoCalTaxProf, Ed McCaffery, Grayson McCouch, Jim Repetti, and@jthorndike.

  106. Ed McCaffery (USC): The Estate Tax is bad in theory, impractical in practice, and largely moot. #ObamaTaxAdvice

  107. Panel on Estate and Gift Tax begins NOW! #ObamaTaxAdvice

  108. Estate and Gift Tax Panel begins now! #ObamaTaxAdvice

  109. Thanks @FATCA_Fallout for joining the conversation by tweeting to@PeppLawReview. Stay tuned for panel on Estate & Gift Tax!#ObamaTaxAdvice

  110. @PeppLawReview although, admittedly, AU & NZ income tax filings are simplier. A gross income is a gross income, not an AGI#ObamaTaxAdvice

  111. @PeppLawReview My experience, with NZ and AU, is when A GST gets installed, the income tax filing does NOT go away.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  112. @PeppLawReview Good panel, & good discussion. Thanks for letting us watch. Need microphones for questions in the audience.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  113. @FATCA_Fallout Also, a VAT could mean that 100 million less must fill out those forms. #ObamaTaxAdvice

  114. @PeppLawReview Simplicity suggestion. Make all Americans fill out tax forms without software or proffessional advice. 🙂#ObamaTaxAdvice

  115. #ObamaTaxAdvice: FDR and JKK agreed: biggest mistake of American left was to rely on the income tax to fund the government. Stark is right.

  116. @PeppLawReview I do hear the answer, and know it is Congress passes the law, but the combination is toxic for compliance.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  117. @PeppLawReview New Zealand too has a 5 % assumed return rate but the calculation to compute is very complex. Not great idea!#ObamaTaxAdvice

  118. @PeppLawReview How do we get Tax simplicity with reduction in form complexity? IRS has never met a form they don’t like!#ObamaTaxAdvice

  119. @PeppLawReview @BruceBartlett: is exactly right about form complexity. That is a BIG tax in professional fees alone!#ObamaTaxAdvice

  120. @BruceBartlett: We need a substantial increase in the Tax-GDP ratio. #ObamaTaxAdvice

  121. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Bartlett: I’m a strong supporter of Graetz’s tax reform plan

  122. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Bartlett: Likes Brown’s idea to audit members of Congress, but let’s go further: require them to release their tax returns

  123. @BruceBartlett: “I would make it a matter of law that every member of congress must produce their tax returns” #ObamaTaxAdvice

  124. @PeppLawReview A mark to market asset tax is too radial. Many unintended impacts especially 4 #Americansabroad with FX rates#ObamaTaxAdvice

  125. David Miller: “Most rich people would trade away their deductions for a 10% point reduction in a moment.”#ObamaTaxAdvice

  126. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Commentary by Bruce Bartlett (New York Times, Fiscal Times)

  127. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Miller: To dent income inequality, we must dent wealth inequality via mark-to-market system

  128. @PeppLawReview Middle class has had it pretty good when it comes to both share and effective rate of taxes paid.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  129. David Miller: “More middle class are moving to the upper class than the lower class.” #ObamaTaxAdvice

  130. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Commentary by David Miller (Tax Partner, Cadwalader (New York))

  131. @PeppLawReview Thank you. I will. Very interesting so far, especially the points on middle class tax share and rates#ObamaTaxAdvice

  132. @PeppLawReview Good point. Middle class tax cuts have reduced effective rates faster than their reduction in income.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  133. Stark: “Middle class tax cuts have been the political grease that make possible tax cuts for the top quintile.” #ObamaTaxAdvice

  134. @FATCA_Fallout Stay tuned for our afternoon panels: “Business/International Tax #1-2” @ 1:45-4:30pm#ObamaTaxAdvice

  135. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Stark: middling middle class tax cuts are the grease that enable huge tax cuts for the rich

  136. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Stark: income, wealth has shifted from middle class to the rich

  137. Stark: The shrinking American Middle Class is a 30-year trend.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  138. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Stark: The middle class in decline (Pew data Aug. 2012)

  139. @PeppLawReview Fundamental Tax reform must include the end of Citizenship taxation and adoption of Residency based system.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  140. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Kirk Stark (UCLA) & Eric Zolt (UCLA), Tax Reform and the American Middle Class

  141. Kirk J. Stark (UCLA): Tax Reform and the American Middle Class.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  142. Lipman (UNLV): We must preserve the anti-poverty relief in the tax code. #ObamaTaxAdvice

  143. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Lipman: tax reform to benefit the working poor

  144. @PeppLawReview Please address the security and data theft concerns of FATCA BIG DATA collection on ALL #Americansabroad#ObamaTaxAdvice

  145. Lipman: “Social Security is the largest anti-poverty relief program in the country.” #ObamaTaxAdvice

  146. @TaxAnalysts Americans don’t read these dense reports, & media don’t report, so I predict a BIG yawn. Look at #FATCA#ObamaTaxAdvice

  147. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Francine Lipman (UNLV), Tax Injustice

  148. Brown: Money can’t buy everything. Fundamental tax reform is still possible. #ObamaTaxAdvice

  149. #ObamaTaxAdvice: 3 tax reform ideas: employer-provided pensions, preferential capital gains tax rate, mortgage interest deduction

  150. Dorothy Brown: “I predict that after the 535 report is released, the public will get angry.” #ObamaTaxAdvice

  151. @PeppLawReview FATCA = resentful angry #Americansabroad.Stop Citizenship Taxation. Adopt world standard of resident based#ObamaTaxAdvice

  152. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Brown: true tax reform begins when the IRS audits the tax returns of every member of Congress

  153. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Brown: Recent fiscal cliff tax legislation hurts persons of color

  154. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Dorothy Brown (Emory), The 535 Report: A Pathway to Fundamental Tax Reform

  155. Dorothy Brown: The recent fiscal cliff deal was not a good deal for the middle class. #ObamaTaxAdvice

  156. @PeppLawReview Why do we think 544 pagers of Complex FATCA regulations & mulitple IGAs is going to solve Offshore Evasion?#ObamaTaxAdvice

  157. Brunori: We have a terrific opening panel today. Our speakers are truly among the leading thinkers in tax practice & policy.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  158. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Moderator David Brunori promises the best panel of the day

  159. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Panel 1 begins: The Buffett Rule, the 1%, and the Fairness/Growth Divide

  160. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Graetz bottom line: tax system needs overhaul, not an income tax lube and oil change

  161. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Graetz advice to Obama: return tax system back to what it was in 1913

  162. Prof. Michael Graetz of @ColumbiaLaw: A 12% national sales tax could fund a $100k exemption from the income tax.#ObamaTaxAdvice

  163. Prof. Michael Graetz of @ColumbiaLaw: Our nation should return to a tax system more like that of 1913. #ObamaTaxAdvice

  164. Graetz: “Today’s tax reform challenge is daunting.”#ObamaTaxAdvice

  165. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Graetz: As the income tax approaches its 100-year birthday, it is time for it to quietly die.

  166. Graetz: “The IRS has become the administrator of many of the nation’s most important spending purposes.” #ObamaTaxAdvice

  167. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Graetz: Tax reform that focuses on the income tax is a dead end.

  168. Graetz: Globalization has made increased taxation of corporate entities counterproductive. #ObamaTaxAdvice

  169. #ObamaTaxAdvice Prof. Michael Graetz cites this tax gem from Greenspan in 2001, predicting easy payoff of U.S. debthttp://www.federalreserve.gov/boarddocs/speeches/2001/20010427/default.htm …

  170. I’ll be live-tweeting #ObamaTaxAdvice from the @PeppLawReviewaccount later today.

  171. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Graetz: 1986-style tax reform (revenue and distributional neutrality) is impossible today

  172. Graetz: “There is no pot of gold from which to finance tax reform.”#ObamaTaxAdvice

  173. Graetz: “Tax reform was not only revenue neutral but was also distributionally neutral.” #ObamaTaxAdvice

  174. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Graetz: From inception, income tax was more about social justice than revenue generation

  175. #ObamaTaxAdvice: Michael Graetz kicks off keynote address

  176. @BerginChris: “We are relentless in the pursuit of truth.”#ObamaTaxAdvice

  177. #ObamaTaxAdvice symposium about to begin! Don’t forget to watch live webcast & tweet your questions to @PeppLawReview.http://bit.ly/Zwo8qV 

  178. Watch @BruceBartlett @jthorndike @DavidCayJ @SoCalTaxProf and many others discuss #ObamaTaxAdvice Starts at 8:45am PST / 11:45am EST

  179. One hour until the live webcast of #ObamaTaxAdvice symposium. Tweet your questions to @PeppLawReviewhttp://bit.ly/Zwo8qV 

  180. #ObamaTaxAdvice symposium! Pro tip: it will be webcast live and@PeppLawReview will be taking questions http://bit.ly/STh8lE  Join in!

  181. Tomorrow @ 8:45am PST: Live Webcast of Tax Advice for Obama!http://bit.ly/Zwo8qV  tweet us your questions! #ObamaTaxAdvice@TaxAnalysts

  182. We are pleased to announce a live webcast for our Tax Symposium next Fri, Jan. 18th. http://bit.ly/Zwo8qV  #ObamaTaxAdvice @TaxAnalysts

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