US Citizenship Abroad – Book

Expected summer 2015

My original objective was to write a book on the topic of this blog. The content has been created “post by post”. Although a project of this will never be complete and is always evolving, I intend to organize this material into a book.

I welcome your suggestions.



8 thoughts on “US Citizenship Abroad – Book

  1. calgary411

    I did not see this before. You’re the right one to author the story that needs to be told. Thank you!

    1. renounceuscitizenship Post author

      I am not suggesting that the attack of the Obama administration on U.S. citizens abroad is on a par with the WW II attacks of the Nazis on the Serbs or with the Japanese on the Chinese, etc. But, it is a massive human rights violation and this story needs to be told and will be told.

      I use the example of the attack of the “Nazis on the Serbs” because that is an example that is NOT well known. The Serbs have not had a spokesperson and have buried that whole episode. It is essential that government reprehensible behavior not be forgotten. This episode is not going to be buried.

      US citizenship-based taxation is a “Fiscal Prison” that has little to do with taxation. It has everything to do with controlling mobility and life opportunities through “reporting requirements” and threats that isolate US citizens abroad and cut them off from many opportunities for “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

      The US government and the Obama administration in particular is employing two weapons:

      First: The US government has always used “citizenship” as a way to attack its citizens. It did this during the 60s and 70s by stripping US citizens of their citizenship. It does it today by forcing people to retain US citizenship unless they want to jump through numerous tax hoops – Exit Tax, etc. Either way, the US does violence to the right to choose one’s citizenship. Rather than recognize that citizenship is a voluntary association, the US takes the position that it has an ownership interest in its citizens.

      The US government defines people as citizens based on a characteristic they have no control over (birth) and uses its defintion of US citizenship as a weapon. The U.S. government believes that it has a “property interest” in its citizens. To have a “property interest” in a human being is to to treat that person as a slave.

      Second: The US government has a long history of using taxes and the IRS for improper purposes. As I write this comment Obama’s IRS has admitted to improperly targeting conservative groups.

      When it comes to US citizens abroad, the US government is using a perfectly coordinated attack using the twin weapons of citizenship and taxation to make the lives of U.S. citizens abroad a living hell.

      The final chapter on this is unfolding as the US attempts to roll out FATCA.

  2. calgary411

    I agree with your post regarding the NPR article / audio of “Who Hides Money Outside The Country?” — that it further molds the minds of the US “homelanders” into thinking all US Persons Abroad are tax evaders, not paying our fair share and all that drivel. They couldn’t have had a better lawyer for his part.

    You’re right; we are filtering and arrive at our conclusions through our IBS personal head space (that of those going through this). Those still in the USA are having their headspace molded (or can we say brainwashed) into thinking we are all a bunch of criminals — yes, for daring leave the US.

    I agree with your comment above, which would be a good preface to the book you will soon publish to tell our story. The readers will initially have one filter or the other. Your job (and you’ve done it well through all you’ve written and gathered so far) will be to make them see the collateral damage the US wields with entrapment by US citizenship, compounded by citizenship-based taxation.

    I really didn’t think they were that smart, but perhaps their strategies of continual warfare is transferable and able to effectively punish the traitors.

  3. markpinetree

    I am a Democrat and remain a supporter of President Obama, But this has become quite a problem for me after what his administration is doing to me, a dual citizen living abroad. To be frank I am not against President Obama going after mainland wealthy Americans who hide their moneys in foreign banks in order not to pay their USA taxes. I thought that FATCA was going to go after those Americans. Insofar as us, living and working abroad, we are no the same kind of people. Perhaps they could even ask us to report to them our earnings in the country were we lived and worked and our investments after a certain date so that they made sure we were complying with the unfair law that required us to file US Income Tax. Instead, without us knowing and any warning the US Government came after us requiring that we had done these reports seven years before we knew about them, with draconian penalties, even so we did not owe any taxes. This is what Nina Olson called a trap for us. As we have no representation we just became Kafka in the “The Process” and this now has affected my mental and physical life. I never thought that this could happen in America. I am just finishing my IRS Return for 2013. It had more that 30 pages besides my FBARS with around 24 each. I started working on them in January 2014. When I finally do it, with the help of a CPA in NYC I will have a few months to rest and then will start all over again, repeating everything in January 2014. Is that what you planned for me President Obama and expected me to remain a citizen?

    1. renounceuscitizenship Post author

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts which so reflect the feelings of Americans abroad.

      What i can’t understand is how you could still support President Obama and the Democrats. The “FBAR Fundraiser” and the confiscation of the assets of Americans abroad (whether directly, payment of professional fees, the inability to engage in financial planning, the decline of the U.S. dollar, the U.S. tax on the devaluation of the U.S. dollar and more) has been going on since he took office.

      Make no mistake, i repeat no mistake, President Obama and the Democrats bear responsibility for this.

      That’s the FATCA of the matter!

  4. markpinetree

    You know, I have been in Democrat the 30 years that I lived and worked in the USA, never having to file income tax to my country of origin. During these 30 years I became an American and have been proud of it. SInce 10 years ago I am back to my home country as a dual citizen. For the past 5 years my life has become a nightmare, as you described, I can not believe that President Obama knows what is happening to Americans Abroad. I have nothing against FATCA going after Americans who live and work in the mainland and have hided in investments in foreign bank accounts in order not to pay US taxes. But to include us with these Americans seems to be an enormous mistake if not a a trap to collect money from us. Probably you are right. President Obama and the Democrats know very well the harm that they are doing and eventually I will have to change political party to defend my sanity. But perhaps being naive but I still hope that soon President Obama with correct this. After all he and the Democrats need our votes!

    1. renounceuscitizenship Post author

      Americans are perceived to be an irrelevant voting block.

      1. Voting is handled on a “State by State” basis. The truth is that many Americans abroad do not meet the requirements to vote in any U.S. state.

      2. “Democrats Abroad” are the Obama representatives abroad. There are enough members of “Democrats Abroad” who know about the punitive effects and unfairness of FBAR and FATCA. They have even established a “Task Force” on the issue. There is NO DOUBT that the Democratic Party in general and President Obama in particular are well aware of how their policies are completely destroying the lives of Americans abroad. Yet they continue.

      3. Since President Obama and the Democratic party are well aware of the effects of their policies and have been unwilling to change their policies, one must now conclude that that the President and other Democrats in his administration are proceeding with full knowledge that they are destroying the lives of Americans abroad. They either don’t care that they are doing so or are intending to do so. In other words, the destruction of Americans abroad is now willful.

      The treatment of so called “American citizens abroad” is so bad, that I don’t believe they should even consider themselves to be citizens. So, basically so you have two choices:

      A. Get a formal acknowledgement in the form of a CLN that you are not a U.S. citizen (what the minority do) and what you must do if you have attempted to be U.S. tax compliant (which is somewhere between difficult and impossible); or

      B. Simply declare yourself a non-citizen and don’t bother returning to the U.S. (which is what the vast silent majority are doing). They are not tax compliant and will never enter the system. They appear to operate on the principal that:

      The only thing worse than being a non-tax compliant American abroad, is to be a tax compliant American abroad.

      And in any case, why would you want you to be a citizen of a country that has no interest in your well being?

  5. joan

    4 years after renunciating can you come back with other country passport and do business, bk, ss number etc?
    fll w7 form


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