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Observations of a meeting of U.S. citizens abroad

FBAR: The new meaning of American Citizenship.

#FBAR Therapist

Prologue – November 18, 2012 – The IRS and U.S. citizens in Canada and abroad

Olson said that the taxpayer should be given a break and permitted to only pay the accuracy-related penalties. “Such an approach would increase voluntary compliance and would stop terrorizing the entire country of Canada,” Olson observed. – Attorney Alvin Brown referring to Taxpayer Advocate Director Nina Olson

June 11, 2013 – IRS Troubles Go Global

The problem of Internal Revenue Service misbehavior is not confined to its actions in the United States, but extends to its dealings with foreign individuals, institutions and countries. All sovereign nations have just as much right to create their own tax laws and privacy protections as does the United States.

It is disappointing…

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#FATCA @AFNCWOODWARD @onenewsnowcom Interview @KRed65 “Tax ‘hammer’ takes toll on Americans abroad”

Please find below the radio interview and the print interview with Keith Redmond, an American overseas advocate based in Paris, France, and Chris Woodward of OneNewsNow. The anchor introduction (not included in attached audio) says, “We read and hear about Americans renouncing their citizenship because of tax purposes, but AFN’s Chris Woodward reports there is more to the story.”






Opposition to #CookvTait requires one to address the argument: All citizens are subjected to the same tax laws

Assistance required. Many people defend (not justify) citizenship taxation on the basis that:

  1. All U.S. citizens are subject to the same provisions of the Internal Revenue Code
  2. Americans abroad are U.S. citizens

Therefore, Americans abroad should be subject to the same provisions of the Internal Revenue Code as Homelanders.

Or in Homelanderspeak:

All U.S. citizens are subject to exactly the same set of tax laws. What could be unjust about that? We are ALL citizens. Therefore, we should ALL be subject to the same set of laws.

Could you please address your mind to the following question:

What is the best response to this argument? How can one best explain that it is wrong to justify citizenship taxation on the basis that ALL citizens are subject to it in the same ways?


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