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My eyes have seen the years – Roger Conklin: “United States has replaced Cuba as the nation with Exit Tax”

With the passing of Roger Conklin, the world has lost a decent man. He was also a relentless advocate for ALL Americans and for the United States as a whole. He influenced many posts on this blog. For many years, Roger was involved with “American CItizens Abroad“. Roger posted numerous comments on online articles. He generously educated others with his numerous emails. He was a true American Patriot who was a keen observer of the “aging of America”. What follows is an email that he composed during the last few years of his life. This email is a “wake up call” and a true gift to those who care about the future of America.

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USA should NOT “Talk The Freedom Talk” unless it “Walks The Freedom Walk”

The above tweet references the following article that appeared on the ADCS Sovereignty Facebook page.

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Part I: How the IRS “Non-Filer Program” Affects USCs and LPRs Residing Outside the U.S.

Most recently in August of this year, the IRS has articulated its position for U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents residing outside the U.S. in a document titled – “New Filing Compliance Procedures for Non-Resident U.S. Taxpayers“


U.S. citizens who have spent most all of their lives outside the U.S. are often times shocked to learn about the scope of the U.S. citizenship based taxation system.  In recent years, due to the aggressive pursuit of the IRS and Tax Division of the Department of Justice, there has become a keen focus on assets and accounts located outside the U.S.

Most recently in August of this year, the IRS has articulated its position for U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents residing outside the U.S. in a document titled – “New Filing Compliance Procedures for Non-Resident U.S. Taxpayers

For a brief chronology of the actions taken by the IRS and DOJ and the U.S. Congress in the offshore world during the last few years see, How Congressional Hearings (Particularly In the Senate) Drive IRS and Justice Department Behavior

See, also IRS Audit Techniques – Expatriation, How the IRS…

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Now That The ‘Koala Kuddles’ Are Over, Here’s What The G20 Agreed On Beneficial Ownership

Read this post in the present. Learn what the future holds (or not) for the next generation.


(Aussie PM Tom Abbott and US President Obama)

Don’t expect much by way of surprises because the October 22-24 Financial Action Task Force (FATF) meeting and the OECD Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Tax Information Berlin plenary, also held this past October, provided some useful sign-posts to what G20Brisbane would be minded to agree to.

Importantly, now that one of its members, the United Kingdom, has finally gotten rid of ‘bearer shares’- almost twenty years after the OECD called on tax havens to do so – the G20 High Level Principles on Beneficial Ownership Transparency inludes  the expected ‘beefed up’ language in this regard.

A conspicuous though not unexpected absence is agreement on public registries of beneficial ownership with consensus reached only on such registries being made accessible to law enforcement, tax authourities, finanical intelligence units and their international counterparts.

The requirement to provide ultimate beneficial owner information…

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The IRS acting director of International Business Compliance also emphasized at the ALI program that under the delinquent foreign form submission procedures reasonable cause explanations will be viewed very positively where all foreign income has been reported.

The Tax Wars Blog

The IRS has updated its Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures and Delinquent International Information Return pages (October 9, 2014) and issued Frequently Asked Questions with regard to each.

The FAQs for U.S. Taxpayers residing in the U.S. clarify that:

  1. The 5% penalty for non-willful submissions does not apply to accounts over which the taxpayer had only signature authority but no financial interest.
  2. The penalty base includes only unreported assets that would have been reported on an FBAR or Form 8938. Thus, real estate, even with unreported income, is not included.
  3. Assets not reported on Form 8938 because they were reported on a delinquent Form 3520 or Form 5471 for the same year are included in the penalty base whereas assets reported in a timely filed Form 3520 or Form 5471 are not included in the base.
  4. Stock in a foreign corporation is included in the penalty base unless it is a…

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Part II: U.S. Citizens Residing Outside the U.S. Probably Have Some Solace Re: Acquittals of Foreign Bank Employees

“The U.S. tax law is exactly the same for a non-resident USC versus a U.S. resident USC; however, explaining this difference to a jury in a criminal trial will be difficult for prosecutors.”


Monday’s post on – the day the Florida District Court jury acquitted the UBS banker, explained the background of what has been a significant prong of the U.S. international tax enforcement efforts by the IRS and Department of Justice.  That prong has focused upon non-resident individuals and in the case of the Mizrahi banker, a U.S. based employee of an Israeli bank.

See,  Part I: U.S. Citizens Residing Outside the U.S. Probably Have Some Solace Acquittals Today and Friday of Swiss and Israel Bankers

To date, the Tax Division of the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) has brought multiple criminal tax indictments against these type of non-resident individuals; focusing on so-called “enablers”.  See Offshore Charges / Convictions Spreadsheet (4/30/14) on Jack Townsend’s Federal Tax Crimes Blog

Indeed, the UBS banker Mr. Raoul Weil was a fugitive from the U.S. justice system for several years, until he was arrested while in…

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