My eyes have seen the years – Roger Conklin: “United States has replaced Cuba as the nation with Exit Tax”

Roger Conklin passed away 11/25/14 "Some you just know are in God’s presence, and that is where Roger is now."" — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) November 29, 2014 With the passing of Roger Conklin, the world has lost a decent man. He was also a relentless advocate for ALL Americans and for the United […]

Roger Conklin: This battle is far from over. In fact it hasn’t really begun.

@USCitizenAbroad Answer must be Congressional ignorance of the facts. Any other reason is too terrible to contemplate. — Peter Dahlen (@peterdahlen) March 2, 2013 @uscitizenabroad Don't know Nunes. @ACAVoice is doing great work educating (which is lobbying at its core) Congress. — Peter Dahlen (@peterdahlen) March 2, 2013 This post is a “follow up” […]

Roger Conklin on the stupidity of US tax law

Roger Conklin is an incredibly articulate proponent of abolishing citizenship-based taxation. Time after time he has demonstrated the linkage between the US  trade deficit and its tax policies (including citizenship-based taxation). Here are two of his best comments from the Isaac Brock Society:

“Hitching a ride” – FATCA – The Trojan Horse of the Hire Act – Updated with Roger Conklin comment

Hitching A Ride – Is A “Trojan Horse” Provision Legitimate?   @SenCarlLevin thinks extraneous legislative amendments should be banned How can he justify #FATCA — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) April 28, 2012   In order for legislation to have “moral force”, it should at a minimum: 1. Be read by legislators prior to […]

Cook v. Tait 24: The protection of political minorities in the political process

Cook v. Tait 24: The protection of political minorities in the political process — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) May 19, 2015   Introduction And Purpose: This post is to “tie together” three comments/posts that discuss the problem of “political powerlessness” in the political process. This poses obvious problems in the area of “citizenship taxation”. It […]

U.S. tax policy likely a factor in #Americansabroad returning to America

Is There An Expat Exodus From China? My Gut Says Yes. – U.S. citizenship-based taxation likely a factor #FBAR #FATCA — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) June 18, 2014 The article referenced in the above tweet is largely about Americans trying to thrive as expats in China (from a personal and business perspective). It appears […]

Cook v. Tait 11: Who should #americansabroad be compared to for tax purposes? Even U.S. citizens are entitled to “equal protection” under the 14th amendment

I have been blogging on U.S. citizenship-based taxation since 2011. In February of 2012, I wrote the “Prologue” for this series of posts: Citizenship renunciations soaring under Obama – Renunciation as an Act of Self Defense That post included the following poll. The results are shocking! In January of 2013 I began a series of […]