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How the term “US person” will give the US “de FATCA” control over other nations

By attempting to impose FATCA on the world, the US is attempting to place the world, not in its hands but in its Iron Fist.

The US is leading the world  into a frightening Orwellian future. Those  of  you who have  read  Orwell’s  1984 will recall  the importance of language. Language is used  to shape our attitudes. Language  is used as a  means to enhance and contract our understanding of issues. Hence, the importance of “Newspeak”.

Today I had  an interesting thought (a rare  event). I realized that all of the discussion of  US tax laws uses the language of “citizenship-based taxation”. This is  misleading language. US tax laws  apply to far more than US citizens. The Internal Revenue Code  speaks  of “US persons”. Continue reading