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Treasury’s war, citizenship, reserve currencies, debt, #MH17 and more

The above tweet references a July 21, 2014 podcast by Simon Black of Sovereign Man. Whether you agree or disagree with the content, this podcast is fascinating because it attempts to interpret current events both:

1. In light of history; and

2. In terms of how certain events relate to each other.

The podcast references a number of topics that have been the subject of individual posts here, the Isaac Brock Society and other blogs. For that reason alone it is worth the 40 minute investment.

Examples include:

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Would renouncing US citizenship but retaining US nationality be a solution to CBT?


Shadow Raider says

Due to the extreme difficulty in having a decent discussion about CBT with Congress, I decided to start a plan B. I’m not abandoning the RBT proposal, but I see that it’s going to take a long time, so I came up with an alternative that may work in the meantime. I’ll explain it below.

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At least the U.S. government has people thinking about the meaning of citizenship

When it’s all said and done, FATCA is likely to result in the rethinking of what citizenship means, how it is acquired, how it can be renounced and more.

Two recent articles on this topic:

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“We used to sell US citizenship, now we sell non-US-citizenship” says black marketeer

And U.S. citizens used to fight to keep their citizenship, now U.S. citizens fight to get rid of their citizenship. The CLN is now the most valuable document for Americans abroad.

Prediction: Soon Homelanders will be wanting a CLN too.

Banc Centrale de l'astéroide B612

Black market report: US passports not selling, Certificates of Loss of Nationality a new Business Opportunity!

Rumblings had been coming out of the black market in the previous couple of years, that false US passports were no longer selling.   Previously, this had been a high-margin, low volume business.  However, business had been drying up.

It turns out, however, that the black market has found a new high-volume lower-margin business opportunity: The sale of Certificates of Loss of (US) Nationality (CLN).  This document is a proof that a person has GIVEN UP his US citizenship, rather than the opposite.  Although it is more difficult to get a good profit margin out of middle class clients for such a document, the volume of need for the document has increased dramatically!

Black marketeers had seen the enormous rise in legitimate CLN’s.  With the market dried up for false US passports, they had set upon…

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Citizenship, identity, mourning loss of identity and moving on …

The above tweet references an article published on August 25, 2013 at the New York Times. The article is popular and as of now has generated almost 600 comments. It’s a very interesting article because it dispels the myth that all Green Card holders want U.S. citizenship. The article highlights the fact that there are many Green Card holders who choose NOT to become U.S. citizens either because:

– they are indifferent to U.S. citizenship and don’t have a compelling reason to get it;

– they specifically do NOT want U.S. citizenship.

The article focused largely on the connection between citizenship and identity. Interestingly there is no mention of the FBAR fundraiser or other injustices to which immigrants have been subjected. It is full of interesting and instructive comments.

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Opinion: What’s U.S. Citizenship Worth? William McGurn

Video streaming by Ustream

This is an incredibly interesting video. The video was made in association with an article that Mr. McGurn wrote in April 2012 titled – “What’s U.S. Citizenship Worth?” Mr. McGurn certainly clarifies that many people are NOT renouncing U.S. citizenship to avoid taxes. He emphasizes the complexity, the reporting requirements and the simple fact that people outside the United States do not want to be associated with U.S. citizens. Interestingly he introduces analogy of the Berlin Wall. Months and months ago I wrote that with FATCA, the U.S. was creating it’s own Berlin Wall.

The United States is in serious trouble. It must:

Stop citizenship-based taxation and repeal FATCA.

What is U.S. citizenship worth? It depends where you are coming from. But, for long term residents abroad, the value of U.S. citizenship is far less than the problems associated with keeping it!

U.S. citizenship is second class citizenship the world over, for U.S. citizens living outside the U.S.

What is citizenship? Why does it matter? Is it membership in a political community? Do countries assume a “property right” in their citizens? The  United States assumes a “property right” in its citizens. This includes using them as instruments of foreign policy. This includes treating them  as “cows to be milked” (taxed). In the words of one former U.S. citizen living in Canada:

To Canadians, it’s about a foreign state suddenly asserting an unusual extra-jurisdictional tax and penalty claim on hundreds of thousands of law abiding Canadian resident citizens. This is not based upon US-based assets or earnings, but simply upon birthplace – a kind of indentured serfdom. In fact, a challenge in explaining this to to most other people in Canada is how wrong, illogical and immoral it all sounds.

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