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#Americansabroad in Canada may soon be unable to receive payments from Government


Government of Canada to phase out cheques in favour of Direct Deposit to bank accounts

With direct deposit, the Government of Canada deposits payments automatically into your bank account.

It’s a way to receive your payments without any postal delay. Not only will you receive your payments on time and be able to access them quickly, but you can also be sure they will never be lost, stolen, or damaged.

By April 2016, the Government of Canada will be phasing out cheques in favour of direct deposit for all government payments. You will therefore need to sign up for direct deposit. Given the benefits, why wait?

Sign up for direct deposit now! It’s convenient, secure and reliable.
How to apply

Select the program that applies to you:

Direct deposit for Employment Insurance
Direct deposit for Canada Pension Plan (including Post-Retirement Benefit) and Old Age Security
Direct deposit for apprenticeship grants
Direct deposit for Canada Child Tax Benefit and for Universal Child Care Benefit
Direct deposit for GST/HST credit
Direct deposit for other Government of Canada programs and services

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June 18, 2012 – The Trojan Horse, U.S. citizenship-based taxation, and other less expensive ways to wage war

“War is failure”
– Once heard Colin Powell requote this truism

Today is an important day in Canadian History. Exactly 200 years ago today, the United States under President Madison attacked what was then British North America. The outcome of the war depends on which country’s historians you listen to. But what is clear is that – after three years, the United States failed in its military invasion of it’s British neighbour to the North.  In other words U.S. expansion stopped at the 49th parallel – making the existence of Canada possible. Continue reading