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How citizenship-based taxation steals from the treasury of other countries: PFIC Edition

The following comment was on the ACA Facebook page:

I say with every ounce of facetiousness I can muster up: Every government of the world should stop letting Americans come to reside in their country. Eventually the ones that have slipped in before the draw bridge was raised will die off, leaving each country sanitized of these toxic elements. No more punishment for leaving the homeland, no more drain on anyone’s resources trying to hunt us down. Citizenship based taxation, the sacred cow of stupidity.

The author is correct. U.S. citizens should be banned from immigrating to any other country. U.S. citizens are a threat to the fiscal stability and sovereignty of any country. There are a number of reasons: including the inability of U.S. citizens to participate in normal financial planning and other vehicles of self reliance. I intend to do a series of posts exploring this theme. Today (as we get to the June 15 tax filing deadline) I offer you the “PFIC Edition”. Continue reading