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The Sun Life Betrayal Part 3 – Converting the non-willful into willful

This is my third post discussing the decision of Sun Life to throw its clients “under the IRS Bus”. The first two posts were:

Sun Life Prepares To Turn Clients Over To IRS for Processing – Bitter End to a company with a proud history

The Sun Life Betrayal Part 2 – The Possible Consequences of Pension Plans Being PFICs

Today I continue my discussion of the friendly message from Sun Life. Part of the message says: Continue reading

Sun Life prepares to turn clients over to IRS for processing – bitter end to a company with a proud history




Once upon a time there was a Canadian life insurance company. It’s name was Sun Life. Sun Life was founded  in 1865 in Montreal (predating Confederation by two years). It was a proud Canadian institution. It was in the business of protecting families. The story of Sun Life parallels the history of the world since 1865. It is an international company with a presence in most of the developed world. It saw itself as a “good corporate citizen”. During World War II the wealth of Great Britain was stored in the Sun Life building in Montreal. During World War II the company provided entertainment for Canadian troops abroad. After World War II it helped “protect” the middle class of North America. The name “Sun Life” meant “trust”. If you want to learn about Sun Life, review a bit of history and understand Sun Life’s important role in Canadian history, I urge you to watch the video history of Sun Life financial.

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