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President Carter believes in Human Rights and #Americansabroad


“Numbering well over one million and representing the United States around the world in all aspects of commerce, these overseas Americans constitute an important national asset. Recently, however, U.S. law governing the rights and obligations of these citizens has fallen subject to increasing criticism – first, as to its fairness; and second, as to its wisdom, at a time when America’s international economic competitiveness, which depends heavily on effective business activity by U.S. citizens abroad, is under severe challenge. I therefore deemed it important that the policy implicit in this diverse body of law be subjected to a fresh and comprehensive examination.” – Senator George McGovern July 2, 1980 – From: U.S. Law Affecting Americans Living and Working Abroad

This post is an attempt to bring together a number of comments at the Isaac Brock Society. It is interesting to compare the Democratic Party of the Carter years to the Democratic Party of the Obama years. It appears to be “night” and “day”. It is important to note that President Carter does believe that the Obama administration is committing human rights abuses. It would be interesting to   know what his opinion would be of the way in which the Obama democrats are treating U.S. citizens abroad.

The attack on U.S. citizens abroad by the Obama Democrats has been duly noted. It is interesting to note that another Democratic President – Jimmy Carter was friendly to U.S. citizens abroad. President Carter now runs the “Carter Center” in Georgia, which among other things, promotes human rights. In a June 2012 op-ed in the New York Times:

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