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Obama’s Democrats don’t want dialogue about Obama’s treatment of US citizens abroad – Reddit Anyone?

Is the U.S. a leader in international justice? There was a time …

“An American President always, always, always stands up for the freedom and justice of all people.” – Senator John McCain – August 29, 2012 – Republican National Convention – 13:00 minute mark of video

So, said John McCain in his speech at the GOP convention on August 29, 2012. Four years ago, John McCain was the Republican candidate for President of the United States. Would things have been different for Americans abroad if McCain had been elected? Would we have had FATCA? Would we have had an administration that would have deemed anybody with a non-U.S. bank account to be a tax cheat? Would US. citizens abroad, and US Green Card holders residing in the US, have been subjected to the FBAR Fundraiser? We don’t know for sure. Furthermore, we don’t know whether there would be a change in policy under a possible Romney administration. Continue reading