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Tax compliant #americansbroad with a principal residence or mutual funds should renounce before becoming a covered #expats

For those who do not want to read this post. Here is the bottom line:

If you are a tax compliant U.S. citizen abroad, with a net worth of less than two million U.S. dollars, with investments (including mutual funds, pensions, and a principal residence in your country of residence), you should renounce your U.S. citizenship at the earliest possible moment. To the extent that your investments are in non-U.S. mutual funds, other kinds of PFICs or your principal residence, the U.S will confiscate large amounts of the proceeds of sale. (And you thought you were solving your problems be being tax compliant.)

Many Canadians are using their principal residence as their retirement plan. Their plan is to sell, downsize and live of the balance of the proceeds. This is NOT possible if you are a tax compliant U.S. citizen! You must NOT be a U.S. citizen at the time the investments are sold.

If you want to preserve your investments  you must relinquish your U.S. citizenship to protect your access to your investments!

For those who want to understand why, read on …

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