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Nationalistic Narcissism and U.S. citizenship – Being a U.S. citizen is like having a narcissist for a parent

Great video – should be become required viewing for the Levins of the world!

A U.S. citizen trying to live outside the U.S. tries to reason with a “Homelander” (who sleeps outside the U.S. but lives in the U.S.)


It is not a good time to be a U.S. citizen. The fact of U.S. citizenship imposes a disability on a person that disadvantages him in the game of life.

U.S. citizens living abroad are, as  a defensive measure, being forced to renounce U.S. citizenship. U.S. citizens living outside the U.S. are subjected to the agony of U.S. citizenship on a daily basis. The cost of U.S. tax compliance has meant that (with the exception of the wealthy) U.S. citizenship has been priced out of the market. Furthermore, U.S. citizens living abroad must choose between having a life and having U.S. citizenship. In the words of one commentator:

These days, Americans cannot live decently overseas without renouncing. And that’s not just the high-rollers who are doing it to save taxes. Indeed, as a low-roller, I will pay more in taxes in the UK than I ever would in the US. However, with the onerous reporting the US demands of foreign banks regarding US depositors, it is getting impossible to do such simple things as open a savings account if one is an expat. Loans, credit cards? Forget it. When we needed a mortgage a year and a half ago, the only way we got it was to leave me out of it BECAUSE my being a Yank would have made the bank jump through expensive IRS hoops it didn’t care to encounter. And it’s getting worse. But that’s another story.

This one is about my renunciation of my US citizenship, something no other citizen of any other nation except Eritrea has to do to live and work peaceably in any other country that will have them. Continue reading