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#FATCA @AFNCWOODWARD @onenewsnowcom Interview @KRed65 “Tax ‘hammer’ takes toll on Americans abroad”

Please find below the radio interview and the print interview with Keith Redmond, an American overseas advocate based in Paris, France, and Chris Woodward of OneNewsNow. The anchor introduction (not included in attached audio) says, “We read and hear about Americans renouncing their citizenship because of tax purposes, but AFN’s Chris Woodward reports there is more to the story.”


PRINT INTERVIEW: http://www.onenewsnow.com/culture/2015/11/09/tax-hammer-takes-toll-on-americans-abroad


RADIO INTERVIEW: http://picosong.com/6rbG/


John Gibson in New York interviews Keith Redmond in Paris and the train wreck known as ‪#‎FATCA‬ ruining American lives