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@AARO debriefing on #FBAR #FATCA renunciations and more

This is a very interesting video from AARO about their recent trip to Washington. Note the part at the end where they talk (NOT about renouncing U.S. citizenship) but about the fact that the renunciations are being noticed in DC.

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Guess who warned of the #FBAR Marriage in 1970?

The Globe has a really nice description of this here.


The Globe and Mail includes it’s daily “A moment in time”. On March 21, 2014, the Globe noted that on March 21, 1970, the song “American Woman” was released as a single. Along with the picture it included:

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The liability of a lawyer and the #FBAR Marriage

We live in FATCAesque times. FATCA is many things.

FATCA is the end of financial and human privacy.

FATCA is the means by which the U.S., by using it’s Trojan Horse soldiers (U.S. citizens abroad) intends to confiscate a portion of the GDP of other countries.

FATCA is, for lawyers and accountants the “gift that just keeps on giving”.

FATCA is responsible for the creation of new industries.

In short, FATCA is “a small step for man, but a large step for mankind”!

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US personhood and marriage