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When it comes to #FATCA and the use of #Americansabroad to plunder other nations: A picture is worth 1000 words

Twas the night before #FATCA @TaxPolBlog interview – Mentions ADCS-ADSC.ca

This is a good interview with a mention of the FATCA Charter Challenge – covers a number of issues in a short period of time!

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Canada’s #FATCA IGA to keep banking information of Canadians priviate!! NOT

As the above tweet says, this is one for the ages. Talk about a reinvention of reality!


You can see a larger version of this article at:


A German Bank explains #FATCA to its customers who are #Americansabroad – It’s #FATCASpeak really

FATCA – “The New Tax Law For Americans Abroad” is an interesting video.

The title: FATCA: “The New Law FOR U.S. Citizens Abroad” almost makes it seem like a benefit/gift for U.S. citizens abroad.

Put it this way:

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The #FATCA IGA aka #OVDP for countries


The above tweet references a comment at the Isaac Brock Society:

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How #FATCA will enslave the world in 2 easy steps

If #FATCA becomes fully operational, it will result in the following:

Step 1: Non-U.S. countries will (at their expense, whether IGA or otherwise) identify those people who the U.S. defines (a possibly shifting definition) as U.S. persons;

Step 2: Once identified the U.S. will use the existence of those “U.S. persons as the excuse to transfer a share of the GNP of that country to the United States on a permanent and increasing basis. In other words: FATCA is to enforce citizenship-based taxation which is a “forced tribute to the U.S.”

The reasons include:

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