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Possible indication of #FATCA causing banking problems for #americansabroad in Canada

A comment at the Isaac Brock Society included the following:

On Oct. 18th, 2012 I applied at the Royal Bank to become a signature to my husbands direct investing account. The question of my birth place was on the application form and as always I advised I was born in the U.S. At the time I was unaware of FATCA.
During that meeting, via phone, I was advised by RBS Direct Investing that my RRSP account was frozen and I could no longer trade within that account. The individual I dealt with at RBC Direct Investing was a Senior Manager. My account would be frozen until such time as I completed a “w-9″ form which required a SSN which I have never had. I have made appts. twice at Toronto Consulate to apply for SSN but have cancelled as I am not sure it is the right move for me to make at this time.
I did write letters to the PM, Jim Flaherty and my MP….in fact, just mailed them yesterday regarding my situation and I did relay the issue with the Royal Bank.
My husband and I will be attending the meeting on June 15th ….bit of a distance for us but we will be there.