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Judge: Curran should seek Presential pardon after adventures in #FBAR

Curran could have gotten as much as 37 months in prison. However, her counsel sought probation and the prosecution did not oppose it. At a Wednesday sentencing hearing in federal court in West Palm Beach, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Ryskamp gave her one year of probation and then immediately revoked it.

“This is really a tragic situation,” the judge said, urging Black to seek a presidential pardon on Curran’s behalf. “It seems to me the government should have used a little more discretion.”

Also representing Curran was attorney Nathan Hochman, who said the sentence was unique in his 25 years of prosecution and criminal defense practice.

“Judge Ryskamp’s sentencing is unprecedented in a number of respects: calling the government’s case against Mrs. Curran ‘tragic’ and ‘unfortunate,’ putting her on probation for effectively five seconds, urging Mrs. Curran to file a pardon application with the president, and telling the prosecutors they would be spiteful to oppose it,” he told the news agency.

The prosecution declined to comment.