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Canada has a long and continuing history of welcoming U.S. slaves

Canada has a long history of helping U.S. slaves escape tyranny.


And now:

“The outcome of this will be a reduction in dual citizenship. US citizens with dual citizenship who are not living in the US will renounce their citizenship. Countries with US residents who are not their citizens, who they want to keep, will probably speed up the citizenship pathway so those persons can renounce their US citizenship. US citizenship will become a liability like Soviet Citizenship once was; American refugees from tax-slavery to the IRS will seek (and get) political asylum. The driving force here is the NSA breaches. The other nations will see safeguarding their citizens’ and government officials’ data as a matter of survival. They will begin to find ways to quarantine the US banking system. Insisting that American dual-citizens be allowed to renounce their US citizenship and be off the IRS hunting list, even if it means they can never go home again, will become the bright red line where other nations draw their sovereignty in the sand. ‘That’s our citizen, not yours. Let him go.’ This could actually lead the world to run gratefully into the arms of a Chinese and Russian hegemony. Not that those two would work together–but they won’t have to.”

As #Americansabroad know: Voting and taxation should be based on residence and not citizenship

A very interesting article referenced in the above tweet. The comments are even more interesting. This article suggests a trend toward placing greater significance on residence than citizenship. Those opposed to U.S. citizenship-based taxation (everybody) may want to research U.S. jurisdictions where non-citizens are entitled to vote. Voting (deciding how a community is to be governed) and taxation (paying for the community) are part of the same issue.

Essentially, the article makes the point that when it comes to public policy, use of tax revenues, and taxation the important consideration is where one lives (residence) and NOT where one was born (citizenship). Although citizenship-based taxation is NOT mentioned, there is an analogy between voting and taxation – both are related to participation and identification with the place of residence.

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12 Years a Slave Movie – Interesting Canadian #Offshore Connection


If you haven’t seen the movie 12 years a slave I suggest you do so. In particular the last 45 minutes is extremely thought provoking. Incredibly the story takes place about 160 years ago. During this time period Canada was at the forefront of helping U.S. slaves escape tyranny. The good news is that the world as come a long way. That said, it is a reminder that “freedom” is a delicate thing. As Ronald Reagan would say:

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

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