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Membership has its privileges!

Brilliant tweet referencing brilliant article. Highly recommended!

Some other tweets capturing the reality of U.S. citizenship:

Letter of a Canadian businessman to his dual U.S./Canada citizen son on the occasion of his high school graduation

“Good citizenship” and “Your citizenship”

The Isaac Brock Society recently featured a discussion  about how and when to advise young people about the potential problems of U.S. citizenship and whether they should consider renouncing U.S. citizenship. As parents, teachers, mentors and friends we should pass on to our young people the benefits of our (in varying degrees) knowledge, wisdom and experience. We do this because we want to equip them with the skills they need to make the best life decisions that they can.

The books:  “Letters of  A Businessman to His Son” and “Letters of A Businessman to His Daughter“, by G. Kingsley Ward, are wonderful examples of  this principle.  They are chock full of practical advice and thoughts on –  the only business that really matters – “The Business of Life”.

I have been inspired by Mr. Ward. Here is the letter (with many factual modifications to protect the young person in question) that I wrote  on  the occasion of  that young person’s  High School graduation. Continue reading