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Twas the night before #FATCA @TaxPolBlog interview – Mentions ADCS-ADSC.ca

This is a good interview with a mention of the FATCA Charter Challenge – covers a number of issues in a short period of time!

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More from Allison Christians @TalPolBlog – The CAT is out of the #FATCA bag

Allison Christians CBC Interview – Citizenship-based taxation and #FATCA

#ObamaTaxAdvice – Pepperdine Tax Conference – January 18, 2013

Results For #obamataxadvice :
The first tweet gives a link to the video of conference! Although the whole conference is interesting, the panel of most interest (FATCA, etc.) starts at about the 6:35 mark. The FATCANatic response starts at the 7:20 mark. Make sure you listen to it.
Discussion of matters of interest to #americansabroad:
Professor Allison Christians (starts at the 6:50 mark) introduced the conference attendees to FATCA and U.S. citizenship-based taxation.
After watching this you may want to consider where the tax environment for U.S. persons abroad is going. We DO know where the career prospects for lawyers are headed! Begins with “F”.

Overall impression of the conference:

Tax policy is simply to important to allow the discussion to be shaped and dominated by tax professionals! Perhaps they should not even be included in the discussion.


Enjoy the video – first tweet.

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