Brandeis: The right to be let alone, to have privacy, is the most comprehensive and valued right

Brandeis: the "right to be let alone" = "the most comprehensive of rights, + the right most valued by civilized men." — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) December 27, 2014 An attack on privacy is an an attack on freedom itself. I have previously posted on the theme of – “From Facebook To FATCA” . […]

@PMHarper: If you won’t stand up for Canada, give other MPs a chance to vote against #FATCA

@PMHarper: "Canada greatest nation on earth" via @TheTyee – @PMHarper: Why then surrender Canada to US #FATCA? — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) February 24, 2014 Dear Prime Minister Harper: The above tweet references a speech made by Stephen Harper before he himself had to make the difficult decisions. The time was June 1997 when […]

#OVDP for financial advisors – coming soon to a bank near you!

Letterman: This is crazy. Because of the #shutdown the NSA is closed. They're asking citizens to please spy on each other. — Andrew Malcolm (@AHMalcolm) October 4, 2013 The threat of FATCA enforcement has impacted every jurisdiction in the world and the global financial industry is quaking with fear. The US Justice Department has taken […]

The Cruz Chronicles 1: His Canadian citizenship is not in doubt. Is Ted Cruz a US citizen?

Sen. Ted Cruz's citizenship saga could linger via @USATODAY – Is citizenship ownership or membership? — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) August 20, 2013   Recent, shocking revelations regarding Texas Senator Ted Cruz! Ted Cruz is a Canadian citizen. Does this mean that he is not American or not completely American?  The above tweet references […]

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of ..

From time to time I have turned my mind to the question of what is “patriotism”. “Patriotism” is NOT blind loyalty to a government. “Patriotism” is NOT blind obedience to a government.  “Patriotism” is NOT the mindless retention of U.S. citizenship.

My wound is geography

This is the “Home Page” of a blog with more than 600 posts about the plight of U.S. citizens abroad in the world of FATCA and “The FBAR Fundraiser”. If you are interested: The blog begins here. An archive of the posts is here. Feel free to contact me here. “My wound is geography. It […]

The need to live “Form Free”

“The United States is the only developed country in the world that subjects its nonresident citizens to complex, ongoing, multiple, and frequently meaningless financial forms and reportbacks.  Recent new enforcement initiatives threaten to exacerbate the already onerous burdens imposed by longstanding American exceptionalism. The resulting current situation is fraught with uncertainty, inconsistency, and anxiety.” The […]

The second American revolution – Who are the Patriots?

Those of you have been to the Boston area will know that is is a museum to the American Revolution. In Lexington, Massachusetts there is a Museum called Munroe Tavern. After the tour, one can listen to a video documenting the start of the American Revolution. The video begins with the question: “Who were the […]

Yes we can!! – Change we can believe in – Organizing the community of U.S. citizens abroad – One community at a time!

Last night the Economist Magazine ran an online debate on the issue of whether Barack Obama should be re-elected president. The debate allowed live comments. There were a total of 92 “registered” comments. Of the 92, approximately 7 were attempts to comment that never became comments (unless the absence of a comment was intended to […]

Phil Hodgen – “Why people expatriate” – A Comment on his post – What about those who cannot certify 5 years of tax compliance?

“Get out while the getting is semi-good.  Don’t wait for more time.  More time means more laws.” – Phil Hodgen – “Why people expatriate” Anybody who reads this blog is surely familiar with Phil Hodgen’s blog. Mr. Hodgen is California based tax lawyer who appears to have moved firmly into the practice of “Expatriation Law” […]