The #FBAR Fundraiser and the penalty jackpot

Zwerner Answers DoJ Efforts To Collect Multiple 50 Percent Civil FBAR Penalties – More damage to @BarackObama #IRS — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) September 26, 2013 Those interested in the saga of Carl Zwerner – the 86 year old Florida resident – who was assessed multiple year willful FBAR penalties, AFTER having made a […]

When law becomes a substitute for morality

The following tweet appeared as a post at the Isaac Brock Society and generated a collection of rich comments. @MopsickTaxLaw Great post on “FATCA Feast” think you salivating people mean “stakeholders” – not “steakholders” … To provide some context: Steven J. Mopsick wrote a post which was a report of his experience at a […]

Resources of interest to U.S. Persons Abroad

Accounts of renouncing U.S. citizenship Accounts of renouncing U.S. citizenship Compilation of relinquishment and renunciation data – Isaac Brock Society Citizenship Are you a U.S. citizen? Citizenship laws of the world How to renounce U.S. citizenship U.S. government interpretations of the INA U.S. government interpretations of the INA Escape from America Escape from America Expat […]

How the term “US person” will give the US “de FATCA” control over other nations

By attempting to impose FATCA on the world, the US is attempting to place the world, not in its hands but in its Iron Fist. The US is leading the world  into a frightening Orwellian future. Those  of  you who have  read  Orwell’s  1984 will recall  the importance of language. Language is used  to shape our attitudes. […]

FATCA – “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)” – Seven reasons why Canada should NOT enter into a FATCA IGA

Introduction – Introducing FATCA – “I’d like to build the world a home, And furnish it with love” Historians picking over remains of US will identify enforcing #FATCA as big reason for decline of the empire — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) November 21, 2012 FATCA and Citizenship Based Taxation “I’d like to teach the […]

Grover Norquist and Dan Mitchell argue for territorial taxation – “IRS Discount” associated with U.S. entities or persons

Introduction – Territorial vs. Worldwide Taxation or Global Taxation – It’s becoming topical! July 15, 2012 – the Financial Times ran a front page article called “China eases taxes for foreign companies” The article included the following: China will cut taxes on the profits that foreign companies take out of the country by up to […]

Phil Hodgen – “Why people expatriate” – A Comment on his post – What about those who cannot certify 5 years of tax compliance?

“Get out while the getting is semi-good.  Don’t wait for more time.  More time means more laws.” – Phil Hodgen – “Why people expatriate” Anybody who reads this blog is surely familiar with Phil Hodgen’s blog. Mr. Hodgen is California based tax lawyer who appears to have moved firmly into the practice of “Expatriation Law” […]

The conscience of a lawyer and “The FBAR Fundraiser”

Having a license to practise law (bar admission) does not a lawyer make. Admission to the Bar, gives an individual the legal right to conduct oneself as  a lawyer. A lawyer operates within a specific construct of ethics and morality. The American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct make it clear that A lawyer […]