The @USTreasury has the power to relax #FBAR requirements on #Americansabroad, but it will NOT

Interesting that @USTreasury acknowledges it can relax #FBAR for #Americansabroad but chooses FULL ENFORCEMENT — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) March 7, 2016 The above tweet links to a posting on a Facebook group that reads: US DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY ACKNOWLEDGES THAT IT CAN STOP FOREIGN BANK ACCOUNT REPORTING (FBAR) BY AMERICANS OVERSEAS BUT CHOOSES […]

Life for #Americansabroad in an #FBAR and #FATCA world

How many #Americansabroad have had their lives stolen by the IRS? – explains why renunciations are soaring! — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) January 10, 2014 The tweet references the following instructive comment at the Isaac Brock Society. The title of the post is: Has your life been stolen from you by the IRS? Comment […]

#Americansabroad: “Ask NOT what the Homeland can do for you! Ask what you can do for the Homeland!

What follows is the full text of the Facebook post referenced in the above link. Really now, it’s time to understand that taxation is NOT the price you pay for Government services (or certainly not civilization). It’s something you are required to pay to support the Homeland. Homelanders abroad, Accidental Americans and other dual citizens, […]

Q. Who are the #Americansabroad “forced” to renounce US citizenship A. Those who are tax compliant

The #Americansabroad forced to renounce U.S. citizenship are those who ARE and who HAVE attempted US tax compliance — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) June 21, 2016 The above tweet references the following comment on the RenounceUSCitizenship blog that is worth a “stand alone” post: I renounce June 8. I have not lived in the […]

Latest of 30 Guilty of Not Reporting to the IRS = What happened to one man who didn’t report his FBAR

Originally posted on IRS vs expats:
This post is from the United States Department of Justice website. I emphasize that this individual, Michael Reiss, WAS AND IS NOT AN EXPAT. The next post will deal with how these thieves are causing the IRS to be on high alert and hunting for huge amounts of money that…

Thoreau vs. Lincoln: Two great Americans with conflicting views of how one should respond to unjust laws

Must read abt CBT Debate: "Is An American a Piece of Property?" referenced here: and here: — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) October 26, 2015 What follows is my comment (final thought to 2014) to the post referenced in the above tweet. I believe that it is becoming more and more relevant.

The hopelessness and despair of #Americansabroad

What r odds of change 4 #Ameriacansabroad – in terms of taxes and reporting 4 law abiding dual citizen #expats? — U.S. Citizen Abroad (@USCitizenAbroad) August 12, 2015 The above tweet references an interesting Facebook discussion that begins with:   With all this talk about fbar and fataca , I’m curious as to what […]

Forcing #Americansabroad to renounce US citizenship is like #Civilforfeiture – Now “ain’t that America”

Introduction – The general principles of Civil Forfeiture Reexamined   Civil forfeiture is becoming increasingly prevalent in the United States and in Western democracies. In it’s simplest form, Civil Forfeiture is a process where governments seize your property without going through the judicial process. Governments love it. It’s efficient, profitable and risk free.  It’s on […]