#Americansabroad: “Ask NOT what the Homeland can do for you! Ask what you can do for the Homeland!

What follows is the full text of the Facebook post referenced in the above link. Really now, it’s time to understand that taxation is NOT the price you pay for Government services (or certainly not civilization). It’s something you are required to pay to support the Homeland. Homelanders abroad, Accidental Americans and other dual citizens, academics, and those opposing FATCA, FBAR, PFIC, CBT and other forms of U.S. extra-territorial harassment should really be asking:

“Ask not what the Homeland can do for you! Ask what you can do for the Homeland?”

I posted this to my 400 “friends” on Facebook. It’s great to see and hear their disgust when they become enlightened about what the US government is doing to its own citizens. Also had some friends from Iran say, “gee and I thought my government was bad” I also copied in the testimonial videos for good measure. We have to get the word out that this impacts all Americans and the USA as a nation. Hiding in fear and not speaking up will get us nowhere.

“Guys, most of you know I’ve lived overseas for close to 20 years. Let me warn my fellow Americans to not try to live and work outside the USA for an extended amount of time. The US government and IRS with it crazy laws has now made Americans living overseas “rejects”, while the rest of the world is free to work and live where they please completely unburdened by their home country. The US is unfortunately intent on destroying its network of US citizens living abroad in order to maybe catch a few rich American tax cheats that live in the US.
The US is the only country in the world that taxes on citizenship alone and forces foreign banks to give all banking account info on US citizens to the IRS, regardless of where they live. Mind you, the US gives these countries no information in return, and that has made the USA the biggest tax haven for the rich from the rest of the world.

Foreign banks are now as a result denying and cancelling American’s bank accounts, cancelling mortgages, or just won’t sell you financial products since the filing hassle for them to the IRS has become too much and it’s just easier to get rid of US Americans as customers.
Companies also don’t want you if you are American and have signing authority, since the IRS wants all of that company’s info too and most companies see no point and just refuse you the job and take anyone with any other nationality.

You are also supposed to file all sorts of forms each year declaring your bank accounts and insurance to the IRS even though you might owe no tax due to some treaty and if you get 1 thing wrong, you get a fine of $10k to $50k per form. You also need to hire an expensive accountant that understands US tax, while you of course hire another local accountant for your local tax, which is already much higher than the US.

If you sell any property here, the US also wants a piece of that too, even if you already paid tax here on it. If you get a pension from a company, the US will want some of that too. All while you will get $0 Social Security and not ever qualify for Medicare, and anything you need from an US Embassy, even evacuated from a hostile country, you have to pay for it. You get 0 benefit from being an American overseas.

The result, Americans born and raised in the US and instilled with American values are not allowed to live unburdened overseas and have 0 representation in the US government, yet are supposed to pay taxes twice, have job opportunities lost and have banks refuse you.
If you want to give up citizenship to escape the hassle and be free to live like everyone else, that will cost you $2,500 and maybe a piece of everything you own.

So, I bet you didn’t realize you aren’t free to just leave the US other than on vacation. The rest of the world will leave us behind with their overseas network of citizens and build relations, while Americans will simply just need to stay home to avoid the hassle.

I’m passing this on, because I realize most of the homeland Americans had no idea about these laws and their consequences made by our own government.”


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