The Pot of Gold that Perhaps is Not.

Finally a voice of reason. One day these “High Tax” people may see the value of corporations and other wealth creators. After all, if there were no producers, who would be left to tax?


It is one thing to distil a complex global discussion on the relationship between tax and development finance, nicely correlated by the OECD as a means of making their work on international tax reform accessible to the proverbial, ‘ reasonable man on the Clapham omnibus’.

It is entirely quite another to draw  unproven linkages which serve to inflame the public against the haves and the have-nots’; while offering no real solutions to funding real and sustainable development. It is not correct to draw a straight line between tax avoidance, which is not illegal; and persistent under-development. This is, at best, indulgent intellectualism; and at worse, one of the causes of the seemingly entrenched  misunderstanding about how international trade and commerce works.

To be clear, I am not speaking about bribery or corruption, those do not fall into the definition of trade and commerce, although these activities have not be untouched by…

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