Extreme backlash over death of Cecil the lion shows what hypocrites people can be when it comes to animals

National Post


Animal lovers are a peculiar lot, aren’t they? Actually, no, that’s not right. People who love animals are not peculiar. Very few of us don’t love animals. We might be scared of some of them – spiders, snakes, sharks, that sort of thing – but by and large we respect and admire them and don’t begrudge their right to an existence. No: loving animals is perfectly normal; it is not peculiar at all. But people who feel the need to announce that they are animal lovers, in Twitter bios and on Facebook pages and dating profiles? Well, they are a different kettle of fish.

When someone tells you that they are an animal lover, I find that what they actually mean is: “I care a lot. I mean, a lot. Way more than you. I am full of empathy and compassion and I have ascended to a higher plane…

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