‘I’m Canadian’: Expat actor Donald Sutherland blasts inability to vote in federal elections

National Post

Arguing he has a Canadian passport, an Order of Canada and a “maple leaf in my underwear,” expatriate screen legend Donald Sutherland publicly decried Tuesday his inability to vote in Canadian federal elections.

“Americans who live abroad can vote. They can vote because they’re citizens! Citizens! But I can’t,” he wrote.

Sutherland, 80, lives in the United States, but is exclusively a Canadian citizen.

Although his letter blames the “Harper government” for stripping him of the franchise, he is likely unable to vote because of a 22-year-old law enacted by the government of Brian Mulroney.

The letter, published in the Globe and Mail, does not specifically indicate why Sutherland won’t be able to cast a ballot, stating only  “if you don’t live here all the time you can’t vote.”

The actor is presumably referring to a long-standing law under which Canadian citizens lose their voting rights if they have lived…

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