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America’s Founding Principles: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

Post it Here: Why FBAR/fatca/cbt is All Wrong


USA taxes its colonists

Only USA taxes based upon the status of US citizenship, regardless of their place of residence.

Government services are the responsibility of the place of residence.

Citizen Rights are not purchased by taxation.

Consular services are fully funded by consular fees and have nothing to do with taxation.

America’s extra-territorial taxation was originally created as a method of PUNISHMENT for civil war deserters.

The Civil War is over. Let’s return to the founding principles .

It is time for double taxation of US citizens living outside USA to end.

Eliminate Ciizenship Based Taxation (CBT) in America and return America to the principles upon which it was founded.

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Speak Softly and Carry a Big Newspaper: Student Advice on Anti Americanism

It’s because Americans abroad are now the subject of direct attacks from the U.S. Government. This article ends with:

The concluding paragraph of these “thoughts” from a Homelander Abroad include:

“In summary, non Americans are concerned about American political and international knowledge because they care about the affect American policies and elections will have on their own economy and politics. But it does not follow that as individuals they enjoy discussing politics or know a lot about it. They may appreciate an American who is informed on the political front but they will cherish one who is a local sports fan or is familiar with their arts and theatre scene for example. Explore your host society in various contexts and you will soon learn that talking loudly is not the issue, it’s what you have to say that matters.”

Looks like the Revolution of #Americansabroad is almost here!

The comments are simply amazing. A revolution is clearly coming! It’s amazing to me that there are still people who see this as a partisan issue.