Speak Softly and Carry a Big Newspaper: Student Advice on Anti Americanism


It’s because Americans abroad are now the subject of direct attacks from the U.S. Government. This article ends with:

The concluding paragraph of these “thoughts” from a Homelander Abroad include:

“In summary, non Americans are concerned about American political and international knowledge because they care about the affect American policies and elections will have on their own economy and politics. But it does not follow that as individuals they enjoy discussing politics or know a lot about it. They may appreciate an American who is informed on the political front but they will cherish one who is a local sports fan or is familiar with their arts and theatre scene for example. Explore your host society in various contexts and you will soon learn that talking loudly is not the issue, it’s what you have to say that matters.”

Engage Abroad!

Anti-Americanism is a little like poetry.  It exists on a very high level that ordinary mortals may read but which requires  experts for deep analysis and interpretation.  And then it exists on a very down to earth people’s level which the experts from their lofty vantage points usually decline to acknowledge.  A bit like asking  a lecturer in Chaucer or Virgil to condescend to write about rap.

International relations experts in the United States write about anti Americanism in the conference paper foreign policy context but Americans abroad are more sensitive to the street variety.   Admittedly, foreign policy clashes can quickly become the flash point for anti-American sentiment and intensify matters for the American abroad but the most common forms of anti-American behaviour happen on a more personal level fueled but not created by policies emanating from Washington. Anti-Americanism abroad is more likely to be  little pin pricks criticising Americans…

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