Peter Britton: In U.S., Canadians need not apply – If you apply you are in for a long wait

National Post

For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard the American axiom, “Play by the rules and you get rewarded; break the rules and you get punished.” Generally, I believed that to be true.

Until this spring, that is.

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Here’s my story. I live on the west coast of Canada. I am a Canadian citizen, born and bred. My career is in direct marketing. While there are some employment opportunities in my field in Canada, the vast majority of positions are in the United States. Over the years, I’ve had many opportunities and offers to work in the States, and for some, I was able to use the North American Free Trade Agreement’s professional visa program for short-term work. But the door to long-term, full-time employment has been locked to me because of my citizenship.

My big brother lives…

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