And Homelanders wonder why #Americansabroad are renouncing US citizenship


The above tweet references a comment at the blog that is worth turning into a post. And they wonder why people renounce U.S. citizenship!


I have great sympathy and total understanding for everything that you have written above. The United States is no longer the country that we may remember from as recently as fifteen or twenty years ago. It’s citizens mean very little to those in power, especially to the current Obama administration and the Democratic Party. I was once a loyal proud Democrat and so was my entire family and extended family. Not anymore! FATCA and the entire nightmare created around it is a total Democratic Party creation and a pet project of the current president. No Democrat will ever receive the vote of any member of my family, nor of my family in the United States. They all follow this closely, as do so many U.S. based friends. All are outraged and vow to show solidarity. We see the injustice so clearly through laws like FATCA and the fact that even after five years of bringing this issue to the attention of lawmakers, nothing really changes and there is no democratic exchange between legislators and those they are supposed to represent. That is not a democracy and that is what hurts us all so deeply, namely to see that a country has betrayed its citizens, betrayed its fundamental and founding values, that it opts to extort money from its own citizens under dubious “laws”, whose legality is openly questioned, to prey upon its own citizens and harm their lives and that of their families, threaten their financial well-being, even after hundreds of articles, thousands of letters, countless calls and making officials, senators, congressmen and others aware of the harm being done to their own people. Journalists have sounded the alarm, foreign leaders have sounded the alarm, financial experts have sounded the alarm. There is little, if any, concern or interest, nor any immediate action taken. They simply don’t care about their people. The citizen is nowadays but a mere pawn in the U.S. system, to be extorted and exploited if possible, threatened whenever possible and ignored at all times. That is not how a good country treats its citizens. No wonder that thousands upon thousands, if not millions, have either renounced their U.S. citizenship, are in the process, or are seriously contemplating it. What has been the reaction of the Obama administration to this terrible state of affairs? Instead of realizing that something is very wrong, when you have thousands of your own citizens running for the exits, it sought to further punish these abused citizens by increasing the financial burden of renouncing, by increasing the fee by 422% with no discussion or forewarning! That is most definitely not how a good country treats its fellow citizens.
The United States has now turned its former goodwill ambassadors, its citizens living outside of its borders, into angry and resentful people. They have turned their citizens abroad, their valuable foot soldiers on the ground in foreign lands, able to speak languages and understand the culture, able to build exports for U.S. goods and services, into enemies, who now wouldn’t lift a finger for a country that has betrayed them.

Who in their right mind would want to be a citizen of such a place, that extorts money, imposes outrageous and unjust laws, threatens, harasses and abuses its own law abiding citizens, who already pay taxes in the countries where they live, who only want to live normal peaceful lives in another country, just like millions of other citizens of other nationalities living throughout the world? The U.S. citizen living outside of the United States is today exactly like a Soviet citizen was in the dark communist past, a person who only wants to avoid anything to do with the “mother” country and its authorities, who doesn’t want to return, a population living in fear and under oppression, knowing that the only way to extricate themselves from the injustice and the abuse put upon them, is to renounce their citizenship, their allegiance and their ties, exactly as oppressed Soviet citizens once did. What a very sad and tragic state of affairs and what a sad place the United States of America has become under the current administration and its Democrat Party followers.

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