Boris Johnson: So you want to be mayor of London, Michael Bloomberg? That would be a step up

This would be interesting – Michael Bloomberg – attempting to be a “U.S. tax compliant” American citizen abroad. (Maybe he can avoid moving to London.)

National Post

With rumours former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg is eyeing a transfer to London, Boris Johnson, his equivalent in London, offers some advice about the job:

Omigosh. Can that be true? Is the legendary American zillionaire Michael Bloomberg poised to make an entry into British politics? In fact, he is said to be toying with the job currently held by your columnist. Bloomberg for mayor, they say — mayor of London! What with one thing or another, I didn’t have time to ring Mike up and get to the bottom of it, not on Easter Sunday; but the story does not seem to be a complete invention.

Mike’s cause is being championed by no less a figure than Steve Hilton: remember him — Prime Minister David Cameron’s guru who pads around without any shoes on. Steve rightly admires the former New York mayor’s can-do spirit and astonishing record of achievement…

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