U.S. fights to stop release of photos showing soldiers abusing and sexually humiliating prisoners in Iraq

National Post | News

[np_storybar title=”Janet Daley: America lost its mind after 9/11 — but did it lose its soul?” link=”http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2014/12/14/janet-daley-america-lost-its-mind-after-911-but-did-it-lose-its-soul/”]

British secret service agents may or may not have been complicit with – or “aware of,” or “in the same building as,” depending on which vague account you read – the CIA torture operation. We will probably never know definitively. But one thing is certain: the head of MI5 will not give a press conference that takes the same tone as the extraordinary one from the CIA director John Brennan that was broadcast live last week.

What Mr. Brennan said (and what he didn’t say) explains a great deal about the difference between the United States and Britain. And I am not referring here to what many America-philes might assume: that the frankly emotional, apparent openness of Mr. Brennan’s statement is testimony to the transparency of U.S. officialdom and the expectation of accountability…

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