The IRS acting director of International Business Compliance also emphasized at the ALI program that under the delinquent foreign form submission procedures reasonable cause explanations will be viewed very positively where all foreign income has been reported.

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The IRS has updated its Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures and Delinquent International Information Return pages (October 9, 2014) and issued Frequently Asked Questions with regard to each.

The FAQs for U.S. Taxpayers residing in the U.S. clarify that:

  1. The 5% penalty for non-willful submissions does not apply to accounts over which the taxpayer had only signature authority but no financial interest.
  2. The penalty base includes only unreported assets that would have been reported on an FBAR or Form 8938. Thus, real estate, even with unreported income, is not included.
  3. Assets not reported on Form 8938 because they were reported on a delinquent Form 3520 or Form 5471 for the same year are included in the penalty base whereas assets reported in a timely filed Form 3520 or Form 5471 are not included in the base.
  4. Stock in a foreign corporation is included in the penalty base unless it is a…

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