Conrad Black: The Republicans have given the Obama Democrats a well deserved thrashing

“Corruption of offices and institutions has scraped the bottom of America’s profound experience in this area, with the Internal “Revenue Service and the prosecution service unleashed on partisan enemies and acting in brazen contempt of Congress when called to account by it.”

National Post | Full Comment

As all but rabid Democratic partisans suspected, the organizational talents of that party in getting its core supporters to the polls did not significantly diminish the severe and well-deserved electoral thrashing that has awaited the Obama administration almost since its re-election (in the first campaign since Martin Van Buren’s in 1840 when the incumbent did not stand on his record, and Obama was allowed to distract the voters with red herrings about a Republican “war on women”).

This regime had a vast mandate to clean up the country. Its response has been to mitigate the economic crisis by increasing the national debt from the $10-trillion accumulated in 233 years of American independence prior to 2009 to $18-trillion in six years, a third of the increase not funded by arm’s-length bond sales but by the issuance of spurious notes from the Federal Reserve to its parent, the Treasury, all to achieve…

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