The 2014 Third Quarter Renunciations Is probably the New Norm –

Note the two ways that a Green Card holder can terminate tax residency status. File the I-407 and through a Treaty Election.


USC Renunciation Q1 thru 3 -The Treasury Department announced 776 renunciations, which brings the 2014 total to 2,353, on track to match last year’s record breaking 2,999 citizens who renounced.

See Will Qtr 2 Exceed Qtr 1 – 2014, Record of USC Renunciations?

As has been mentioned previously, this list does not include lawful permanent residents who have terminated their LPR status for purposes of these tax law provisions.  For further reading on LPRs, see, Countries with U.S. Income Tax Treaties & Lawful Permanent Residents (“Oops – Did I Expatriate”?).

Maybe the LPR list represents several hundred thousands of individuals?  The current total estimated number of LPRs is 13.3 million as of 2012 as reported by the Office of Statistics of the DHS.  See,  Estimates of the Legal Permanent Resident Population in 2012

There are two distinct ways that LPRs can terminate their tax residency status.  First, through the formal immigration law process typically…

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