Subversive Sonnets: FATCA, the War of 2014

It’s unjust, it’s inhuman, I didn’t choose where I was born!

Post it Here: Why FBAR/fatca/cbt is All Wrong

Subversive Sonnets: FATCA, the War of 2014
By Suki Mills, Canada
Nativity’s place generates much woe
Geography, too, can cause its own curse
Nationality, their offspring, can sow
Seeds of duality, which is much worse
For the citizens of Eritrea
And the slippery slaver, USA
Extortionists of their diaspora
Whom they hunt, threaten, tax, compel to pay
Til death knocks on their door. Land of the free,
Home of the brave until one wants to leave
Expats know the homeland’s duplicity
And freedom is something they must retrieve
They must renounce, relinquish, and refuse
A false liberty is all they will lose.

US born, Canadian bred
Now the IRS wants thy head
Having two passports is a curse
For the IRS robs thy purse


A stroke of the pen, a blink of the eye
A nudge and a wink with the doors all sealed
Then the Finance…

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