Double Jeopardy—Global Psychopaths at the #IRS

Don’t forget the Global psychopaths in Congress too. And what about the occupant of the oval office?

Banc Centrale de l'astéroide B612

How to screw a Finn with a hotdog stand in Finland

Penalties layered upon penalties–this is the culture of the IRS. And don’t forget–the IRS is now responsible for health care. If you live outside the US, The IRS will give a penalty first for not having reporting yourself, and then disallow your normal deductions, also.

If you are a citizen of Finland, living in Finland, but once have had a US residence visa (greencard), you are required to file US tax forms until you have formally filed the US IRS form I-407. If not, the potential IRS penalties could be bankrupting.

For example, if you should have a business (such as a Finnish hot dog stand), you are required to file either form 5471 and/or form 8865.

Form  5471  ʹto  report  that  a  Finnish citizen  living  in  Finland  is  a  10%  or  more  shareholder  in  a   Finland corporation.  Used  by  certain  U.S.  citizens  and  residents  who…

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