My Boyfriend’s an American, Should I Dump Him?
This is an issue that is going to become more and more relevant. See also my collection of posts on the “FBAR Marriage”.
Probably the answer to the question is yes.

Post it Here: Why FBAR/fatca/cbt is All Wrong

Dear Readers: I would like to ask your opinion about my boyfriend and my boyfriend’s government. It seems that his government follows him everywhere. If I were to marry him, will his government follow me too?

My friends tell me that if I have a bank account with my boyfriend (or maybe later, husband), that his government will want to look into our bank account.  They say that, if I have a bank account with my boyfriend, that my government will start looking into my bank account too.

What is it with American men and their government?

They say that if I marry this guy, live in my own country, and share our house and our economy, that his government wants to know about our house and our economy. They say that his government would then want not only his money but my part of the money and house too.

I see what they…

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