Post your FATCA/FBAR/CBT article here (on this new blog)!

Yes, please do! I completely support this initiative.

Welcome to a new blogger on FBAR, FATCA and the other ways that the U.S. violates the sovereignty of other countries through it’s uniquely oppressive taxation practices.

No wonder that the motto of Americans abroad is:

Renounce and Rejoice!

Post it Here: Why FBAR/fatca/cbt is All Wrong

If you are tired of the USA’s FBAR, Citizenship-Based Taxation (CBT), and FATCA—this is YOUR place.

If you want to make a post of your own, send in a comment with simple instructions.  Instead of approving your comment—I will copy paste it in to your own post.

Give your instructions as to whether you want to be anonymous, input a nom de plume, or want to put in your real name

We invite all affected by this nightmare—including those in the banks and governments who have to deal with this mess.

Many people don’t have their own blog site, and many people want to be together on one site.

Post it here.

I’ll do my best to timely put it up and send a twitter announcement!

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1 thought on “Post your FATCA/FBAR/CBT article here (on this new blog)!

  1. Candace Holt

    I am a US citizen and have lived in Canada since 1992; I became a Canadian citizen in the late 1990’s. My income and assets fall below the limits for any taxation in the US, and will, always. In fact the US took away half my Social Security benefits due to the fact I also paid into Canada Pension–even though in its letter explaining this policy it assures one it will not subtract that amount. I appealed this decision in 2013 and received a letter saying my appeal was not really an appeal. So then I turned the form in again, explaining that their deduction of benefits did not seem fair, as if I had come to Canada and partnered with a rich person, or had illegally grown marijuana (not having to do honest work for a living) then they would be giving me my full SS. I have not heard back in over a year.

    As I am a senior and cannot see myself in my future old age sitting for hours and days trying to figure out and fill out the US tax forms, I really resent having to do this when I fall below the requirements for owing any taxes in the US. I looked into relinquishing US citizenship, but in my case it sounds like a lot of trouble. I do have my US Medicare hospital card, my lifetime pass for National parks and Monuments, and I go across the border to visit family and friends. My resent- ment is strong, as the US is the only country in the world which double-taxes citizens. The ones they are really after are the rich, and huge corporations–so why bother us other individuals? We have no representation, other than the President, it seems–and that certainly is not helping. There are others here who are not filing in the US–taking that chance.


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