Rex Murphy: The case for revoking the citizenship of Canadian terrorists

National Post | Full Comment

Every label can be revoked. A pacifist moonlighting as a mercenary really cannot claim to be a pacifist. A vegetarian who delights in rump roast bathed in a pool of gravy really cannot claim, by virtue of an ornamental slice of turnip on the side, to be a vegetarian.

But there are categories far more serious than vegetarianism, and practices more profound even than pacifism, and I take citizenship to be one of those. Yet citizenship, too, is not transcendental and immutable. It can be lost.

So it may be useful to explore what might lead a polity, a nation, to revoke the citizenship status of one of its citizens — whether or not that citizenship was invested by birth or achieved by choice through immigration.

May we set out as an ultimate test case for Canadian citizenship, that of a hypothetical Citizen A whom we learn has bought an…

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