Treasury’s war, citizenship, reserve currencies, debt, #MH17 and more

The above tweet references a July 21, 2014 podcast by Simon Black of Sovereign Man. Whether you agree or disagree with the content, this podcast is fascinating because it attempts to interpret current events both:

1. In light of history; and

2. In terms of how certain events relate to each other.

The podcast references a number of topics that have been the subject of individual posts here, the Isaac Brock Society and other blogs. For that reason alone it is worth the 40 minute investment.

Examples include:

– the possible  attempt by the Obama administration to claim ownership of the MH17 issues based on the “claim” that there was an accidental U.S. citizen on the flight (at best a “dual citizen”).

– the recent agreement among Russia, China, Brazil, South Africa and India to create a bank that will NOT be based on U.S. dollar domination

the agreement between Russia and China to supply gas without a requirement of payment in U.S. dollars

Treasury’s War: the evolution of war from “traditional war” to “financial war” and “cyber war”

– the Obama administration using an “executive order” to levy a 9 billion dollar fine on a French bank

– the absurdity of the world’s biggest debtor (the United States) telling the rest of the world what to do

– the relationship between debt levels and the decline of world powers.

– the significance of the U.S. dollar as a major reserve currency

– the similarities between the events that started World War 1 and the shooting down of MH17

In any event, this is an enjoyable, interesting and relevant podcast.

Thanks to Simon Black (or whatever his name really is).





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