Andrew Coyne: Judges rule to hold Parliament to its word, not to usurp its power

Thanks to Andrew Coyne for a well written article on:
1. The Harper Government’s attitude toward Canada’s Charter of rights; and
2. The role of law and the constitution in Canada.
In an era where the Supreme Court of Canada has become the “Official Opposition”, this article raises issues worth considering.

National Post | Full Comment

I credit Stephen Harper with this one. “A conservative,” I recall him saying once, “is someone who wants to abolish the Charter of Rights and amend it to include a property rights clause.” It’s a good line. It’s also, in some cases, quite literally true.

[np_storybar title=”Bob Runciman: Don’t like the law? Run for office” link=””]
I’m not a betting man, but I suspect it would be a pretty safe wager that a significant majority of Canadians take issue with the recent decision of Federal Court Justice Anne Mactavish, who found that Ottawa’s efforts to cut back health-care coverage for refugee claimants “cruel and unusual” and in violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

In my view, the government’s primary rationale for the changes is an attempt to eliminate the attractiveness of Canada as a destination for bogus refugee claimants: “free” health care, beyond that which most taxpaying Canadians…

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