U.S. tax crackdown driving more expats living in Canada to renounce citizenship

Great article with interviews of same familiar people including: Allison Christians, Trish Moon. The U.S. is not “driving” people to renounce. Rather the U.S. is “forcing” people to response. When it comes to U.S. taxation of “U.S. persons abroad”:

It’s unjust. It’s inhumane. They had no choice where they were born!

Financial Post | Business

The Fourth of July has never prompted patriotic feelings in Gwen. The 52-year-old has lived for many years in a middle-class Toronto neighborhood and considers herself an “accidental American” because she was born in the northwestern United States to an American mother and a Canadian father.

But this July she isn’t experiencing warm feelings about the Canadian side of her dual citizenship either. That’s because this week, a newly ratified agreement between Canada and the United States requires her Canadian bank to begin handing over to tax authorities the financial information of every client with American citizenship.

Under the agreement, the Canada Revenue Agency will give the account information to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

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Gwen — along with an estimated one million other American and dual citizens living in Canada — has been swept up in an IRS crackdown on foreign tax evaders that began in 2011. Unlike…

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