Jack M. Mintz: Canada’s ‘wonderful partnership’ with the United States in desparate need of repair

And this is without even considering the problem of FATCA and the IRS coming to Canada.

Financial Post | Business

With Canada Day and Independence Day celebrations this week in Canada and the United States, you would think that two close neighbours sharing a 9,000-kilometre border and $675-billion in two-way trade would also be celebrating a remarkable peaceful co-existence. Instead, the Canada-U.S. relationship has sunk to a new low in recent years despite years of progress since two countries successfully negotiated their 1987 trade agreement.

This strong bilateral relationship was not always the case, with many conflicts ranging from British invasion of the U.S. from Canada during the American Revolution, the War of 1812 and the 1866-70 Fenian raids from the U.S. Hostility was eventually overcome as Canada and the U.S. became increasingly integrated as an economic region.

Today, we have a deep economic and social relationship with the United States, given our extensive trade and many families with members on both sides of the border. With so many conflicts…

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