Anti-FATCA movement gains momentum – Time to protest Canadian banks

Interesting post that will help understand the politics behind FATCA and why the Canadian banks so desperately wanted a FATCA IGA.

Although the post is  bit dated, it does outline the factors that led us to where we are on July 1, 2014 – FATCA/Canada Day


The 21st Century belongs to Canada, but …

Canada always was and continues to be at centre of the FATCA storm. Opposition to FATCA is gaining momentum and is becoming more visible. But, the FATCA “end game” will NOT be determined by the United States, the U.K. or the European Union. Canada – and more specifically – The Government of Canada – will soon decide on whether to enter an IGA with the United States.  A refusal by Canada will likely mean the end of “FATCA IGA Momentum”. This would make it impossible for the United States (regardless of the…

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