Living with Dual Citizenship – Matthew 22:15-22

Living with Dual Citizenship – a most interesting post. Includes:
“Dual Citizenship Requires Proper Activism

Let’s go back to that coin. Jesus holds it up and asks the crowd, “whose image is this?”, and “whose inscription?” Inevitably they respond “it is Caesars”. Then Jesus says, “Well, if it has Caesars image on it, it belongs to him, so give it back[19] [to him].”[20][21]”


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The very word patriotism comes from the word patriarch; and we all acknowledge that each of us have a connection to a “father land.” This has with it identification to a particular kinship, a kinship that has worked, and sometimes fought to sustain and protect the family. I believe that just as one honors father and mother one should also honor where God has placed you. My great grandfather served in World War I, my grandfather served in World War II as a helmsmen on a Navy ship.

Obviously, these men did not battle the other side because they hated the individual men in front of them, they simply loved the men behind them.[3] They stood for their fellow Americans and stood against the ideals that the enemy represented. When I hear the Patriotic songs and pledge allegiance to the flag…

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1 thought on “Living with Dual Citizenship – Matthew 22:15-22

  1. calgary411

    Sorry, to me, that’s US exceptionality at its ‘exceptional best’. Thank you, my supreme being, for putting me in the country you really wanted me to be in. Guess even you make mistakes that can be fixed.


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